Meet the Doctors


Experts With A Focus On Compassion

Since 2003 we have been serving patients throughout the Edmonton area.

Dr. Ryan Fedorak - D.D.S.

Dr. Ryan Fedorak has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. He comes to work every day thrilled with the opportunity of providing dentistry for his patients and working with his wonderful staff. Dr. Fedorak is committed to providing the best dental service possible. He genuinely cares about his patients and encourages them to discuss their concerns so that the treatment can be fully geared to each individual. He is married, has two boys, is an avid hockey fan and loves golf (although his swing always seems to need work).


Dr. James Jeffery - D.D.S.

Dr. James Jeffery has been practicing in Edmonton since 2003. A graduate of Loma Linda University in California, Dr. Jeffery strives to give the best care that he can to every patient that he sees. Having taken many courses on adhesive and esthetic dentistry, James has a passion for making teeth look great, using the latest techniques, with proven success. Dr. Jeffery has a beautiful wife, and two kids named Michael and Ayvlin. He is an avid reader, guitar player, and computer enthusiast, as well as enjoying the outdoors and taking his kids skating. However, he hasn't found the time yet to enjoy as much golf as he would like.


Dr. Robert Fedorak - D.D.S.

Dr. Robert Fedorak is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta Dental School in Edmonton. Robert is dedicated to applying the latest technologies and principles that he has learned to his work. He strives to form committed and compassionate relationships with all his patients to ensure they receive the quality work that they deserve. Robert enjoys anything outdoors, whether it be skiing in the winter or mountain biking and hiking in the summer. He is a car and racing enthusiast, and a bit of a guitar player himself.